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1. Why choose Vinuss hair extensions?

Vinuss hair extensions is the professional hair supplier which is located in China. We also have USA local warehouse in Houston TX. All hair is 100% virgin hair, 5A grade and unprocessed. We also offer worldwide free shipping.

2. How long do Vinuss Hair Extensions last?

The lifespan of Vinuss hair extensions is determined by how well they are taken care of. Usually lifespan of our hair extensions is 3 months to a year depending on how often they are worn and how well they are taken care of.

3. How do you care hair extensions?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no absolute way to prevent shedding. It does not matter what vendor you purchase your hair from or where. Shedding is inevitable. What you should know is that it is also normal. The natural hair growing out of your very own scalp sheds. What isn't normal is excessive shedding. Thick strands and clumps of hair should not be coming out at every turn. To make sure hair does not shed excessively and is kept to a very light minimal, we strongly encourage you to notify your stylist to follow the key instructions. (Care Tips Download)

4. How often should I wash my Vinuss Hair Extensions?

Vinuss Hair should be washed every 10-20 wears or when there is too much built up of products and they become unmanageable to style.

5. How long does shipping usually take?

All prices on the website include FREE standard shipping worldwide. Your Vinuss Hair Extensions are shipped out from one of our warehouses (located in Houston TX, USA or China). Please understand that it takes 24-72 hours to process the order. We do NOT process and ship orders the same day. Please allow up to 3 business days for orders to process (If you order on Monday, your order should ship out on Tuesday to Thursday). We will email you a tracking number once your order ships. Approximate Delivery Times: USA: 1-3 business days Ships with USPS or DHL Global

6. My payment is not going through?

At the checkout, make sure that all of your personal information matches the exact information (Name, Address, etc) on your credit card. If some information doesn't match, the transaction will not go through. If you are unsure, please call your credit card company to see the information they have on file. You can also try going through the regular checkout or PayPal checkout to see if the transaction might go through there. If the problem persists, please e-mail us at with the set (color/weight) that you want to order and your address so that we can e-mail you a custom invoice for your order.

7. Do You Have a Return Policy or an Exchange Policy?

You can exchange or refund your order within 30 days as long as it has NOT been worn or removed from its golden security seal (tie) or from the main package. For more details please visit our Refund Policy or Exchange Policy pages.

8. Why are Vinuss Hair Extensions Non-Returnable if opened?

Human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product. We take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously and DO NOT ALLOW open items to be returned for the safety of all of our clients. We are not alone; other hair extensions suppliers also do not allow returns on opened items for the same reasons.

9. Do You Have an Exchange Policy?

We understand that picking the right color might be a bit difficult when choosing from a computer screen, so we’d be more than glad to exchange your unopened Vinuss Hair Extension set to the right color. Due to hygienic reasons we only exchange items that have not been opened, worn or tampered with. An exchange must be claimed in the first 30 days.

10. How may I contact you?

You may contact us by e-mail at and we will reply to you within 24 hours.


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